Why we read.

Why do we read? For me, it all started in my youth and when I was a kid, I read a lot. As an adult, I understood that most people read fiction to escape from the problems of life, but as a kid, what was escaping from? I had a great childhood, full and complete with loving parents … so why escape? I was drawn to books about kids my age who were ordinary, everyday type of kids who found themselves in some outrageous difficulty. (I never wanted to know or admit that the book I was reading was just a story … a figment of some one’s imagination, so I disregarded the author. For me these stories were real and I read them slowly to make them last.) Today, as an adult, I still enjoy stories about ordinary guys and gals who find themselves in a life problem through no fault of their own.

They are not super beings with super powers. Instead, they are just like you and me. I’m a dentist by profession and after thirty years in practice, through no fault of my own, I may add, I came down with Rheumatoid Arthritis and after struggling with pain, limited mobility and strength, I had to give up the field of endeavor for which I was so highly trained. I couldn’t just do nothing … it wasn’t in my nature … so I began to write. My heroes and especially my heroines are all everyday people just trying to live their lives when they are forced into an extreme difficulty.

Those who enjoy my novels find that they can escape from their own difficulties and lose themselves in the lives of the characters from my novels. They can identify with the characters because they can see themselves living through the pages as the protagonist. We read because we enjoy the escape and revel in the difficulties and the eventual success of the participants.

About geneligotti

I am a writer of American History Novels and mystery suspense thrillers. My webite is: www.GeneLigotti.com
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